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Do you have another email account or you use your MSN account for your email aswell?



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    • Yes, seperate email
    • No, same as MSN

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I see many of my friends use the same MSN address for their mail;i don't , because if it gets hacked i won't get my mail back etc, so i have a spare Gmail account, which i use mostly.


Now i messed up the poll and i can't edit it, so i can't quite edit the options, but i think you'll be able to get what they're saying.

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I have a custom MSN, so no. I don't use the email facilities for any IM I use (MSN, YIM, AIM) actually.

Gmail for my main email, plus POP3 accounts for various domains such as TGTAP and my web design business.

I didn't answer the poll because you asked two questions in the question... What part am I answering no to?

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This is kinda confusing for me. My msn/wlm IM address is a non-hotmail email address. I use that for email and MSN, but it's not hotmail/windowslivemail.

Are you just asking whether people's IM addresses are the same as their email addresses? Or are you asking whether they also use their hotmail/windowslivemail inbox for their main email (not just for msn)?

And regarding this entire question - why? Sounds like you're just trying to trick someone into giving you their MSN address.

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well i use my msn address for emails but i also have 3 other emails (another hotmail, a gmail, and yahoo). the yahoo i only made to sign up for a flickr account. all my alert messages from facebook go to my hotmail, i have the other hotmail address as my initials/name to use for applying for jobs n stuff. gmail i use for well, generally when i send emails i use that. not sure why.

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lol, these mods are suspicious of anyone and everyone in the Restricted group. They're a threat to your human safety, run while you can.

I use my Tiscali address for MSN, but the last time I used MSN was about 4 months ago. I did have an MSN address, but I messed it up somehow.

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