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so i was playing assassins creed 2, for about an hour. long story short my PS3 suddenly turned off, and it cannot be turned on again. it shows a yellow light everytime i try to turn it on and it makes a lot of beeping sound before it turns off again

does anyone have a problem like this? does PS3 have the same problem as XBOX 360?

i need help about this thing, should i fix it anyway or buy a new one instead?

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so i suppose if i trade it for a new one i can't keep my hard drive memory right? damn that sucks

about your other suggestion, how long should i wait? is three to five hours enough?

if you buy a new one and keep the old one, the hard drive is a 2.5" sata. its removable, so you can swap it to your new playstation or if you wanted to upgrade the size you can do that too.

call up sony or email them, if its still under warranty they should repair it for free.

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What's this ring of lights you're referring to? The PS3 has no ring of lights. There's just the power light and the activity light AFAIR. If the activity light gets stuck on yellow that's when you're fucked, and you need to send it off to Sony to get it fixed, hopefully it's still under warranty.

lol yeah its yellow light of death. maybe he just put red ring of death to attract attention :P

yeah that is exactly true :P , but i also have a 360 so i know.

but i never knew that PS3 have this kind of problem too, i thought this thing was only a microsoft screw up

yep i'm dead, it wouldn't turn on again and the warranty i found on the box is expired

thanks anyway guys

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My PS3 has sharted itself. Whenever I turn it on it begins the regular boot up sequence for about 2-3 seconds then I hear 3 beeps and it shuts itself off with the red on/off light blinking.

Read about it and I'm pretty sure mines FUBAR'd. Disappointing because it's a launch model and it was having a good run. When I got it in '07 it was under a Sony 12 month warranty but we bought 24 months extended on top of that so it should still be under warranty until August this year.

Problem is when I take it to the store I got it from they tell me "You gotta ring this number and they will do it". So, annoyed I go "fair enough" and walk away. Ring the number and they say that "you gotta ring sony", to which I say "it's not under sony's warranty anymore, it's under yours" then I get the "we can't help you right now coz our computers are down, try this arvo or tomorrow morning".

So, yeah. I'm getting fucked around in this 'I-don't-wanna-fix-it' circle jerk, when all I wanna do is go back to playing MW2 and pwning n00bs :P

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