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Who Else Thinks the Next Grand Theft Auto Should be In Texas?


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It could be in Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Houston. They all are beautiful cities, they all have rich neighborhoods, they all have ghettos and they all have places that are in between. The unhealthies city in the country is in Arlington (Dallas-Fort Worth). There are many drug cartels that run drugs through South Texas and spread the drugs all over the state. Dallas is famous for the place the president was assassinated and Texas always deals with illegal immigrants, so that could be in the story (I'm thinking of a Mexican main character). Texas can has its own country music, rock music, it's own style of rap, r&b and of course, its the south so it has to have the blues and jazz. Texas even has their own style of cars, like CA has lowriders, Texas has slabs and donks. texas dresses their own way and everything. Hurricane Katrina also could be in the story. The hurricane changed the crime rates in all of Texas. Texas even DRIVES their own way. Have you heard of "swangin'"? And since the new rapper Drake loves Texas so much, every other kid most likely will and it will sell. And, even though I'm from the OK, I like Texas because of a previous vacation to Arlington and I saw family in Houston. It would be cool to see them do it in New Orleans, too the murder capital.

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Texas would be a massive difference to New York and the other cities in America that have been used. I would much prefer a large city based on Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston than have all four of those cities crowded on to one map.

The problem with Texas is with regards to water (rivers, seas and what not) which Rockstar Games adds to distance the city from the mainland. Almost all the cities we have had so far have had water (large bodies of) separating the city (or cities in regards to the GTA IV Engine) from the actual country it's in. But that's when Rockstar starts being creative...

I still think that Miami would be a great choice, chronologically it's next in the series but we'll have to wait and see.

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