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GTA the movie.


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I'm gonna wait for the Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia movies to be released before I say whether games based on movies suck or not. Those movies should be so good when they're finally released.

A GTA movie would be perfect if I wrote the script :) But overall I think there have been too many games to make a movie based on them. And besides, most of the GTA games are based on movies anyway.

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A GTA movie would have to have NOTHING to do with Hollywood. Hollywood shits on everything. GTA the movie would have to be written and produced by Rockstar Games. I'd also like to see an unknown actor in the lead role, and maybe some voice actors reprising their roles from the games. Tom Sizemore as Sonny Forelli, Frank Vincent as Salvatore Leone, etc... It could involve the cities, characters and events from the GTA series placed into an original story, with only some story elements taken from the games. I also think it should take place in GTA 3 era, and maintain a somewhat cartoony atmosphere. If it became too serious, it might as well be any crime movie.

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Does anyone else fell that a GTA IV movie should be released?

Uhm...HELLZ YEAH! :coolthumbup:

That would rock. All the violence, language, and sex scenes. Put Method Man in it. He did a job job in The Wire. The story would need a corrupt cop as well.

Have Tricia Helfer be the sexy hard driving, skin showing type :drool: and we'd have a great movie.

The story could an original. Wouldn't be hard to do. Just start with a rough draft crime movie and have alot of car stealing.

Like Gone in 60 Seconds with trigger happy characters. :evil:

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