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Should they bring back GTA San Andreas

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I think R* should continue on the same pattern as before.

III Era -

GTA III (Liberty City)

GTA Vice City (Vice City)

GTA San Andreas (San Andreas)

IV Era -

GTA IV (Liberty City)

GTA Vice City 2 (Vice City)

GTA San Andreas 2 (San Andreas)

The suffixes of '2' can be changed to whatever clever name they may come up with, but you get the idea.

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YES but it should have some changer like:

A ufo that land in area 69 that u can jack

The trains should also be longer and destroyable

Fully customizable vehicles(spinners,neon,engine mods,full b-kits)

Finally their should also be a greater variety of vehicle than there was in the first one.

also Keep the time frame,post y2k cars suck.

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UFO? I think this idea is a bit exaggerated.

The destroyable trains is a great idea.It's kinda lame you shoot and blow up the train and nothing happens. :/

And the customized vehicles is also a good idea.It would be nice to add neon to your ride, and since it's illegal, it'll be cool to be chased by the police for this. :D

Even though the chances that R* will make another GTA based on San Andreas, probably in future years, like 2010+, are pretty low, players do believe in this.And I also hope they will create another GTA of this type.

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well..sincerely speaking,i kinda bored with the old gta sa.but,thats what makes it great!the graphics aren't like any other gta francais..but,i would be looking forward for gta sa to be back in release this 2010!i would prefer it'll continue the same as gta 3 to vice city.both game are related.so,i hope a latest release of SA wouldn't be different as it was before.im hoping that they will be designing some new cities and just let CJ be their 'godfather' this time instead of CJ getting all the orders!

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Yeah, that'd be great, they'd probably call it GTA SA Stories, or even GTA V :o. But GTA SA had quite a few glitches, it might be hard to remake a new game based on GTA SA. Or they could start from scratch like in GTA IV where they changed the game engine and redesigned the whole city.

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