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Gta Vice city Trivia

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Here is a GTA Vice City Trivia. A question and answer game, you ask a question, someone answers and that someone asks a question in the same post.

Main Rules:

1. Please don't answer a question if you're not 100% sure of the answer, that'll flood the forum.

2. Don't span or chat off topic here, the mods can actually ban you from the game or from the forum.

3. Make questions with good grammar so all people can understand what you're asking.

4. If you never played GTA San Andreas, take an example of all pages (or buy the game ), and then create a question based on the ones you saw before.

5. Don't make posts with excessive smiley count, that is flooding too and it's also stated on the TheGTAPlace Forum Rules.

First question,In gta vc whom did tommy trust the most

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Plus he copied that, it's the same one from SpiderVice's trivia.You can clearly see it too by just seeing that it says GTA San Andreas in those lines.

I think this is that arabian multi acc dude again.

I actually didn't pick up on the fact it says that! How embarrassing for me.

I'm currently believing that's a high possibilty you're right.

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