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Nix Annwn

Does anyone know where I can find female player skins?

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I know it wouldn't quite mesh with some of the dialogue, but since so little time is spent in dialogue I'm not real worried about that.

Anyway, it'd be cool to play as a girl but of course all the player skins I've found are guys. I know I can temporarily change myself to a random ped with a cheat (ilikedressingup) but I was kinda hoping for a whole new character.


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I have Candy Suxxx from Vice City converted to III but... there is a bit of snag. All was going well but for the love of everything unholy I can NOT get her blankity blank blankin' arms positioned correctly! No matter what I do or try, no matter how correctly she looks in two different model editors, her arms will absolutely positively NOT position right in the game. Centering, rotating, parenting, global, local, I've tried it all. Perhaps now that I have left her alone for I while I should try some more attempts.....

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