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Rebuild TGTAP


Let's fix TGTAP  

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  1. 1. Which of these options do you think would help rebuild TGTAP?

    • A new design
    • A reorganisation / restructure of the forum
    • New and more active staff
    • Merging with [url=http://www.grandtheftwiki.com]Grand Theft Wiki[/url]
    • Competitions & promotions
    • Extra site features and new types of content
    • Focus on the gang system again
  2. 2. How active have you been with TGTAP?

    • I am new
    • I have been here a while, but I don't get involved in the community
    • I post on the forums, but don't feel part of the community
    • I feel like part of the community
    • I used to feel like part of the community, but not anymore
    • I have been here from the start, and I'm not giving up yet

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Mike, we have the General Discussion and the Entertainment And Lifestyle forums. In those two forums, you can talk about stuff you couldn't say in the regular forums.

That's not really fair for you to say when you've not been part of a gang.

Each gang was a small group of friends - or even a family. Their private forums were for private discussions, not the sort of thing that they would post in General Discussion for anyone to see and for n00bs to reply to.

If you look at the quality of many of the posts in GD or the other general subforums, you'll know why people prefer to interact with their friends, not the random crappy people that clog up the internet.

it also led to the downfall of the forums as well since thats all we ever posted in and just ignored every other part of the forum

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Gang system were actually cool but it also made everyone spam posts just to join the gangs by reaching the required number of posts to enter a gang which was decided by the Don.

I think its good that the gangs are now been archived.

Moving on to the site, although the site has been what you call as "dead". Almost all the past staffs and members were active during the GTA V's trailer so expect them to come back when the game will be released.

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