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Grand Theft Auto 5: To Be in San Andreas?


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i7, isnt that a bit much? I doubt the next GTA game will need that much of a processor :S

More like 0.0000000000000015%. I don't mind a totally new GTA just, please, for the love of god (and Obama) keep it in America...

Obama play's GTA?

They could put obama in the next gta game.. Maybe you could even PLAY as obama.

I always used to get obama mixed up with osama.. obama, surley he's a terrorist undercover?

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The next GTA will be set in a completely remade, modern day Los Santos. It has been confirmed in the official GTA V trailer released by Rockstar. So technically, if the State of San Andreas still exists in the GTA V Era, GTA V WILL be set in San Andreas, although I highly doubt that it will share the same storyline and/or timeline with GTA San Andreas. In fact, I think GTA V will be a reboot of the series.

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