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GTA III now available on Mac App Store


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IPB ImageGood news for Mac owners among us, Rockstar Games are releasing the whole Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for Mac via the Mac App Store. Starting today with Grand Theft Auto III, you'll also see Vice City and San Andreas released on 25th August and 1st September respectively.

Grand Theft Auto III for Mac is currently priced at £10.49 ($14.99 / 11,99 €). No word on pricing for Vice City or San Andreas yet, but we presume they'll be the same - you may remember in November last year Rockstar released Mac versions via GameTreeMac for the same price. Judging by the reaction on Facebook, people aren't particularly happy about this price point, though - it is in fact twice the price of its Windows counterpart on Steam - an even more vocal group of fans are calling for the trilogy's release on PS3, remastered in HD.

With all that said, GTA III is already gathering ratings and reviews on the Mac App Store, so people are indeed buying it. Have you? Let us know in the comments how it's running on your Mac, or if you have anything else to say.

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Because Macs weren't even a viable option for gaming until about 2006 when they switched to Intel processors. But back then they were of course slower and there was no market for them. So it wasn't really until a year or two ago when Steam became available for Mac (and of course these days most Macs except for the low end ones have a dedicated graphics card) that gaming became a much more realistic possibility for most Mac users.

Still obviously a much smaller market though, but it seems Rockstar is one of the few developers willing to create, or in this case at least port, their games to the Mac OS. Which is good to see really.

And yes, I would assume GTA IV is quite some way off. A few years if it all.

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Lol, they have a bigger market share than you think actually. But yes your right, Windows 7 runs fine through Boot Camp, and for the record, I tried Modern Warfare 2 on it, was able to play it smoothly with all the settings maxed out, so I'm sure you could easily play the GTA trilogy on it just fine so long as you have semi-decent hardware. GTA IV wouldn't run that well on my Mac so I didn't even bother trying it. I don't play games on it anyway.

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