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How to get a RPG and M16 in the very beginning of the game without cheats?


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Okay to get the above item ride your bmx to the airport runway entrance of Los santos international in the El corona

when you reach the gate the it wont open for you as you need a valid pilots license to get in so jack a car from the local gang usually a hermes drive the car and park it in reverse so that the rear bumper slams the fence get out and jump ont the cars roof then when you get close to the fence press the jump key and then climb the fence

Go to the right side where the runway ends you see a set of three small ramps use the dodo and get there. The M16 is in between the left and middle ramp

then use the blip and mark the area of glen park fly your dodo there. Search for the a tall radio antenna on the roof of a building and land your dodo on the roof there you will get a RPG

N.B- use caution and land very slowly on an open area on the roof as the dodo is the only vehicle that can bring you down from the roof

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It's pretty easy, but I CBA with it cause I don't really have any use for the RPG other than taking down helicopters, and by the time you reach those missions you probably have a RPG already (except for the Jefferson Motel mission Reuniting the families or whatever it was called).

By the way you don't need a car or any other vehicle to break into the LS airport :P

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