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Huckleberry Pie

[REL|BETA] MP40 Submachine Gun

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Basically my first ever released mod for GTA IV; rigging guns for that game seemed as trivial enough for me as it was in SA, so here it is.

Original model from 2K Czech

Converted to RAGE/IV by Huckleberry Pie

Ever felt like gunning down Fegelein, or do you want to have a piece of Reich firepower in your game? Here's the MP40 submachine gun for IV, complete with gun sound effects.

Props to Sergey "3Doomer" Mansurov for the GIMS toolset, to Good-NTS for making such a great modding toolkit for GTA, my friends Rachel and Crissi from American Girl Playthings for being such nice buddies, and to all my other friends and homies at GTAF and 667 Dark Avenue.

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That is awesome. I use the MP40 on S.A along with my hitler skin ^.^ Gun looks even better in IV's world! Good job mate

Btw, how did you change the sound of the gun like that?

I used the IVAud editor for changing the sounds on that gun. It didn't have those side rather fugly side effects like those in SA.

Hail fuhrer! Gonna fuck up someone's day with this, awesome.

Thanks. And bring me Fegelein, will ya?

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I am currently working on a M249 machine gun though but cant decide which gun i should replace :/

Can't the IV weapon limit be broken like in SA? I know the vehicle limit can be so I don't see why not.

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