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Your most favorite racing games?


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That's easy:

-Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

I own it for both the PS2 and PC, and it was worth every penny.

-Need For Speed: Underground

While at first I was like ''hell naw rice rockets'' I ended up liking it as much as all the other NFS games, it even made me watch the FnF series (which is one of my favorite) and even dig this whole underground racing scene...

-Flatout Ultimate Carnage / Flatout 2

FO UC as it's abbreviated is a remake of FO2 and it's better in pretty much every way. It doesn't have traffic or free roam like Burnout Paradise but it has probably the best physics, graphics, tracks and destruction in any racing game. The only inconvenient is that multiplayer isn't available in all countries.

Not bad at optimization ether.

-Need For Speed: Most Wanted & Carbon

I pretty much liked everything about Most Wanted except the customization (very basic, I understand removing the neons n shitty spinner thingies but they had no reason to remove the body parts and paint options). It also has my favorite car: the 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

As for Carbon, the city isn't that great, the graphics and story are a bit meh and the cops a bit too easy but apart from that it's mostly an improvement over Most Wanted.

-Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition & Remix

Basically took the concept of Underground 2 but with less drama, less retarded crap to put on your car (no spinners n stuff, seriously those are just tasteless), more (and better) cars, like Lamborghini's, cops etc...

-Need For Speed: Porsche

Pretty much like HP2 I had to own this game for both PS1 and PC. They are totally different but totally awesome as well.

-Need For Speed: Pro Street

Say what you want about Pro Street but unlike all the other simulators (Forza, Gran Turismo, GRID etc) it tried to be interesting. And succeeded, but failed at other aspects...

Customization seems to be lighter than Most Wanted / Carbon, the soundtrack is 50% fail and 50% fitting but nothing I would really listen to, cars are a bit buggy (vinyls don't always place correctly, some parts might occasionally look different than how you made them, some textures are stretched when auto-sculpted etc).

It also had a fail yet free DLC consisting of 16 new cars and 2 new tracks... well that's what EA says anyway.

Basically the 16 cars are just unfinished ones that already existed in the game. EA didn't even fix 'em by the time the dlc was released, they just made 'em driveable. Some of them crash the game, others have missing body kits, others have missing body kits AND crash the game, and others have missing body kits, crash the game, and are used by A.I.

Some of these are:

-Koenigsegg CCX (directly imported from Carbon, not even the slightest change in the stock model. It has a somewhat cool bodykit but nothing I would go ''wow'' about. It also handles kinda funny and will tend to lose it's front bumper and hood on the Autobahnring. Wheels are also a bit skewed outwards)

-McLaren F1 (probably the only solid car in the game, not a surprise since it's new in NFS, the post-2000 series anyway)

-Audi R8 (crashes the game if you add a roll cage, also has missing body kits)

-Aston-Martin DBR9 (solid but can't be customized, not even performance wise like the GT-R Proto)

-Honda S2000 (same as the R8)

-Dodge Challenger Concept (same as the CCX, imported from Carbon. Has no working body kits at all besides stock)

Oh and they all cost 0$.

The tracks are the Porsche Test Track in Leipzig, which is awesome, and the Tokyo Express Way which is very short yet very difficult cause the AI always crashes there, 90% of the time into me. It also looks pretty plain except for when you reach the bridge...

-Driver: You Are the Wheelman


-Spy Hunter (NES)

What? :P


PC exclusive racing game. There's 4 words you don't expect to see together lol. Anyway while it was pretty good in general, it was kinda buggy (it would crash 50% of the time before the 1.1 patch was released, and even after it could still crash... huh ''Crash''day).

Ok ok sigh:

-Need For Speed: Underground 2

Story and customization. That's it. Although the customization was good as a whole, I only liked about 20% of the parts.

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Well realistic racing games are cool for Hardcore and speed freaks.

Not really. Hardcore speed freaks own real cars and drive them on real tracks. Sims are just for tasteless nerds...

And what pisses me off the most is that whenever an Xfaggot and a PS3faggot are fighting about which sim is better, they always bring arguments regarding realism. Never even mentioning any game qualities, what a disgrace.

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Never heard of it lolol. Nor the ones Red_Squirrel_UK mentioned. Except Hydro Thunder, that was the s*it.

And well Mario Kart, which is what we use today to measure the arcady-ness of a racing game. Mario Kart being the highest level of arcade and NFS Hot Pursuit being the ideal level of arcade. Below it it starts to become a sim...



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Actually I believe road rash is where someone has been unfortunate enough to be knocked off of their motorcycle (or had some similar accident) and has then slid along the road causing very serious and nasty burns on their body.

On topic: My favourite racing game has got to be Need For Speed: Most Wanted. I think it is the best out of the whole NFS franchise. It had the most to offer in terms of vehicle customisation, vehicle choice, it was very good for police pursuits (the bounty system was very well done) and had a very nice and big open world to just drive around.

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