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Your most favorite racing games?


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Yes, it's true.. Because racing game's suck.

Go play Cock o' Doody then.

Rockstar San Diego made RAGE... my guess is Rockstar wants them to focus only on developing the engine... and maybe the Red Dead series if that wasn't ended ether.

Rage was made by ID software, no? and isn't the engine rage also known as id tech 5?

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Yeah Rockstar have created their own version of the RAGE engine. Its also the protocol to the Euphoria engine

What do you mean ''their own version''? RAGE is made and owned by Rockstar... Euphoria is just a physics engine, Midnight Club LA for example doesn't use it, only RAGE alone.

RAGE was probably built on RenderWare (Criterion Games) but I doubt they used it for more than just a template / base.

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