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How your day going ................keep this post ALIVE


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Dealing with belkin lack of customer service that is run by a bunch of idiot

Still modding my new desk " almost there "

Eat lunch tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato

Listing to NERD RAGE on YouTube..........tooooooooooooo epic and SMILEYFACE !

Watch classic ECW and WWF matches

Some blogging

Clean the front yard

More modding to my desk to 8pm


Talk to my buddy at the GTAPLACE !


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Too bad chief.

Anyway today's report:

More interesting than usual... well more interesting than ever:

-Tried out for wrestling. Didn't go well...

-Decided I wanna become a priest, laugh all you want but it's true.

-Got a 10 at English, tho that's nothing new.

-Got a 2 at French, again nothing new.

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Okay, lemme comment your day:

-I wonder what happened...

-Nothing wrong about becoming a priest (sometimes I think about that too), I just hope you don't act in the church like you do here :P


-Ahh... Mon petit chou-fleur :awexd:

EDIT: Btw, the girl I like DOES like me B)

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What happened is I got carried away...

Anyway I couldn't care less about religion but the local priest here drives an Audi A8, has an 800$ laptop and a golden Rolex. Then I asked a friend of mine and he said his dad drives an Audi A8, only he's a pilot. And I thought ''hmm takes mad skill to be a pilot, but any fool can become a priest''.

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Well, i was up all night thursday night playing Fallout 3, then I had to go sign on at the job centre so thought i'd might as well stay up. Got back home from job centre at 2pm, went to bed and got up at 11pm lmfao.. Couldn't sort any bud by then cus its too late at night so now im sitting here.. Dying for a joint and drinking old rosie, which is really, REALLY good fuckin cider

Yeah, but being a pilot is funny, and being a priest just for the money takes you to hell :P

I am the priest, haha.. don't worry, when my pc has been fixed I will upload all our video's and picture's and you'll see what I mean.. I am the mo fckin priest

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