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Good question Bossman, something I have experience with on both an academic and real-world level.

Yeah, in terms of web development it IS best practice to leave checkboxes unchecked by default. You give the user the choice, rather than make it for them. Mostly in regard to opt-in/opt-out services, where they should always be opt-in, but it can also apply to "remember me" features. It's all in the name of protecting the user really.

Exceptions to this "rule" are forums and websites where your details don't pose any kind of security risk; the checkboxes for remembering you are ticked by default simply for convenience, as most people WANT this in place so they don't have to login each time, of course they can uncheck it if they want. It's not something forced upon the user. It's typically not seen as bad practice in this situation.

As Spaz pointed out, online banking is a prime example of where automatically ticking a remember me box would be bad practice, if someone logs on to their account using a shared computer and forgets to logout at the end of it then any subsequent user could get access - that's obviously a huge security risk.

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