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First car?


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I could answer that better with regard to my real car, not the GTA variety. I can't recall the events I did initially, but much of my time was to try all the familiar tricks of the trade from previous GTAs and explore the map to see what it offered for playing the complete GTA V experience, while it seems to me others were more interested in the characters and mission aspect. I figure, you play GTA completely, you'll get to all that in good time! hahaha


One of the things that's a bit strange is car models used from the past games haven't really changed much, so they nearly stand out in stark contrast to the newer ones added. That's my thought anyway, I wish they'd gotten better 'makeovers'.


I've seen the Buffalo in there too, but it didn't show up right away, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it.

When I got my first look at GTAO, I saw some major stunting for YouTube on display, and still, despite getting major air on jumps, the cars landed in rather good shape, I must say. Much like when my car tumbled nearly completely down a mountainside and I could still drive it, I'm most upset at Rockstar for that aspect of the game, everything else I think I can live with other then what people were experiencing online, but I hope Rockstar seriously find a way to make damaging vehicles more interesting and fun, it shouldn't be so easy to knab a car and drive it off after having a nasty collision. It's one of the core elements I feel that GTA should be, as a driving game

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I guess my first vehicle was a Rancher, that I magically took over while running from a bank in North Dakota...err yeah, I mean North Yankton. I guess my first voluntary vehicle was whatever was parked behind Simeon's dealership at the end of the first mission. Wasn't that Franklin's Buffalo? Parked next to some other random vehicle. But that was just convenience. I didn't know at the time that that was actually HIS car. My second vehicle was the Dominator (I loooove Mustangs...)


I'm kinda glad not all the cars got makeovers. It's more like real life....I guess unless you live in the real Beverly Hills/Hollywood, where none of the cars on the road are more than 2 years old (unless they're six-figure vintage classics.) I couldn't really tell, but I'm sure they at least updated the textures from the ported vehicles.


If I thought about it for a bit, I'm sure I could think of some 3D-Universe San Andreas vehicles I would've loved to have had in GTAV - Having new & old versions of cars side by side on the road would've been awesome... I really liked the design of the Infernus in the old San Andreas, and would love to have seen that one recreated for GTAV....maybe set the display name to " '92 Infernus "... Oh! And the Balla's Buick Regal and Monte Carlo... ohhhh and the Slamvan!

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To me the graphic makeovers Rockstar gave the game feel like those the Mod community gave to GTA IV with ICEnhancer, and I think it basically touches up all graphical aspects, some of those old designs still were lacking in the move from original PS2 era cars in San An to the Los Santos we have now, in terms of their aesthetics that are lacking, I feel this is part of having the original graphics team trying to improve with each GTA franchise development, more then the technical ability to do so

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In GTA:O, my first car was a Declasse Asea which the game gave for the first race (still have it), and the first one I bought was an Entity XF (starting big!)


In story mode, outside of cars that you have to use for missions and the main characters' cars, it was a Carbonizzare. As soon as I saw it, I stole it. 

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