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LAX shooting


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Sadly, not long after GTA's release, another public shooting sparked by anger with the USA Government, and a young gun man in this case who actually left something of a note of intent, but survived his wounds to talk more about why he did what he did, the other day news only covered the scene people witnessed and how things looked around the airport and talked with people who were there, if you were not watching or didn't see that, more details came out today;




Luckily no GTA connection was made, but there was certainly ammo for those who would try and make connections. Again shooters are in that gaming age demographic, the location is LAX seen in GTA V as LSI, Los Angeles as Los Santos in the game, and I'm sure by now, in game you've had shootouts with the police and staff on patrol at said airport.


We know the reason sandbox games exist is key, the ability to do what you want in a real world environment without real world repercussions. This is a key lesson for anyone who has trouble separating reality from fiction. It's also adding to more discussion about American gun control laws.


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The people in power always want to look for something other than negligent parents or personal mental derangement to blame these things on, so they naturally try to blame the objects used (in this case, firearms) or whatever the current pop culture fad is (in the 70s it was comics, in the 80s it was music, today it's video games). I've loved and frequently been around firearms since I was young and regularly play violent video games, yet I've never had any inkling of a desire to do what those whose names I refuse to acknowledge (because that's what they want) did in places like LAX, Sandy Hook, or Aurora.

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Was it just me or was Trevor intended to be a satirical commentary on people who were allegedly influenced by games?


And yes, it is yet another case of scapegoating and association fallacy. Same goes with adding fuel to Faux News and feeding the attention of both rightists and the lunatics who perpetrated the attacks.

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Trevor is what he is.. a meth'd out psychopath. :P And it is really sad that dude went in LAX like that. No one should die over trying to make honest money, either.

I mean, he did mention that he had a rough upbringing, and that could account for his behaviour. It's certain that most psychos who end up running amok in public grew up in much the same way, or that their parents were plain too oblivious as to what their son or daughter is coming up with.

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