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Next-gen GTA release date revealed?


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In a Gamesindustry.biz article, where they wrote that Take 2 Interactive may have even more investigations around the sex scenes of San Andreas, including the SEC and the Federal Trade Commision, Banc of America Securities analyst, Gary Cooper, had something very interesting to say.

"Will the company soften GTA content?" he asks. "It seems unlikely to us that this will happen. Still, pressures will mount and scrutiny will intensify surrounding the next release of GTA, which is scheduled for October of 2006."

Very interesting indeed!

Thanks to Jordan for pointing me in the right direction.

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I listened to the UBS 33rd Annual Global Media Conference today when Take-Two interactive was up. Let me check my notes...

Rockstar bringing another Grand Theft Auto title on the PSP and a sequel to one of their leading brands for the PS3 :)

Now that is either Man Hunt, Midnight Club or... GTA ;)


I wish that its a new gta hay dont get me wrong midnight club and manhunt are wasome games but gta kicks ass and they wont release a sequel to man hunt because the first one has been banned and they realesed new midnight club games to recently to make a new one

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I personally think it's too early for a GTA4, but you never know with the game industry. I think I read somewhere, that they were making another GTA for the PSP... now I think it's possible for it to be another portable GTA ^_^.

Not what they are talking about here, and yes, there is another PSP GTA on the way.

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