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CJ Homie

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Hey all,

I decided to play GTA 3 again as I got bored of San Andreas. But I got to the Bomb Da Base Act 2 mission and couldn't do it. I done it last time I played the game (ages ago) but no i just can't do it. I sniper the people at the front, then start on everyone else on the ship but then 8-Ball dies without me even knowing (until Mission Failed comes up of course)

Any tips would be appreaciated. Even though this is till an early mission I can't do it! :pissedred:

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What I did was I got the andrenaline from round the corner then took them all out with a sniper rifle. Piece of piss then, remember vehicles stop adrenaline use so drive round to the andrenaline, get it then use the enhanced run to get back fast, and you can keep going as you won't need the health after 8ball blows the ship up

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you can fly it by pressing on numpad 9 is for going up 6 is for down.to fly like crazy you need to hold 9 and 6 and go forward.you'll see sparkes.then release the 9 and 6 buttons(on the numpad)and your plane will spin forward.My record for flying is 15 sec.And also you can complete the mission by shhoting the explosive barrels.But,don't shoot them near 8 Ball.

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Get on the roof with a sniper rifle - 8-ball doesn't start running until you start shooting. Spot where all of the gunmen are before you start shooting, 8-ball is going to go up the stairs and to the right. Just clear a path for him - the two at the bottom, then the top and sweep right. The gunmen pretty much stand still so they make easy targets.

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Well i need help on how to fly a dodo i cant cuz i keep going onto the ground. do you have any advice?

How to fly a Dodo:

Take off from any runway.

Get the plane up to speed then push the nose down, eventually you'll see sparks or hear scraping. Release the down control and the plane will climb quickly - press down again once or twice to stabilize the plane or it will stall and fall.

The trick is to keep the plane level - when viewing the plane in flight you don't want to see the nose of the plane above of the upper wing - so you have to finesse the controls - light taps. NEVER PULL THE NOSE UP!

If the plane begins to sink/dive down on it's own - LET IT, it will scoop air and lift a little higher than it was before (keep control of that nose as it climbs).

If you want to turn the plane still keep the nose of the plane just below sight of the leading edge of the upper wing while turning.

I've done laps around the islands in the Dodo, flow over all the buildings and if you want to go on a real vacation: Take off from the airport heading West, turn North and keep the island on your right side eventually (after the dam) you'll come to an area where the Liberty City ghost town (from intro scene) is placed - the buildings are not solid - you can fly right through them. You are also in the immediate vicinity of Blue Hell - the underworld of the game where things are a little crazy graphically and directionally. If you are under they islands and fall you will end up landing on the area above you.

BTW: Never fly to the edge of the water, it will instantly freeze the game.

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