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Your GTA4 location ideas


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Yeah it could take place in like a city based off a real one such as:

New Guernsey: New Jersey

Guernsey City: Jersey City

Capital City: Washington D.C.

Churchill City: London

Jazz City: New Orleans

Dimond City: Chicago

Emerald City: Seattle

Siro: Ciro

Kings: Kingston, Jamacia

Bikini Bottom


Garver City: Oakland

San Armando: San Diego

Fort Martinez: Fort Lauderdale

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I'd actually like to see GTAIV take place in more than one location.

For example, the main location would be the state which Liberty City is in, but

for like 4 missions you go to Tokyo and you can play there, and later when you're

done the game you can fly back and forth between Tokyo and Liberty City.

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I know and it exsists in real life but i'm saying that it could be called something like Nice as in "Wow you're nice" not as in "This is my nice Kelly" get it?

EDIT: I just came up with another on, Istanbul, Turkey can be called something like St. Baghatur which is Turkish for "Warrior".

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