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Your GTA4 location ideas


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If they had Las Venturas as the location for gta 4 then it would ne a hit, And this time no Los Santos, San Fierro, Badlands or Desert just Las Venturas. Its probably the most popular city in GTA so why not?

No, Las Venturas is the most popular city in YOUR opinion. Playing in only Las Venturas would definitely suck.

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dude, 2003. shut up. nobody wants LV and the smoking and drugs in games suck and are fun for 2 seconds (and in saints row, its just... not)

No, YOU SHUT UP, Las Venturas has gambling and taking drugs is a cool idea but not good because you know who will start To bitch about it where he will sue rockstar and like always, LOSE THE CASE.

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Yeah well remember GTA III took place in present time when it was released (2001), so GTA IV may also take place in present time, that's what I hope. Anyway man, about the phone uhh... Hm, ahh I don't know man, the K800i is pretty damn good, but I don't know, we'll see... Hope you can also use telephone booths in the game.

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