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Here is a big list of Glitches known so far, feel free to add any :)

Fly under Vice City:

Get a helicopter (Hunter recommended), and go to the front of the WK Chariot

Hotel in the Downtown area. This is the same hotel that was across from Candi

Suxxx's and Shrub's love nest. It is marked "Vice Point Langer" on the front.

Take your helicopter and fly it under the front awning. Basically, fly it

directly up to the front door. Then, hold X and fly straight up. You will fly

through a fake (non-solid) roof, and be inside the hotel. You can see the

spiral stairwell that you have to run up to take the photos in the Martha's

Mugshot mission from the outside. From there, fly downward and you are now

under the game map and can go anywhere. Note: Do not fly too low or too high or

you may appear above ground or end up dying in the water.

Fall from water to sky:

Enable the "Dodo (flying" and "Float on water" codes. Go into the water and

drive around. Gain speed and fly into the air. Try to flip your vehicle upside

down in the water. If done correctly, the car will sink and a clicking sound

will start. You and the vehicle will drop out of the sky and land somewhere

random in Vice City. Note: You may need to try this a few times with different

cars. If it does not work immediately, you will die.

Change size of the moon:

Use the sniper rifle at night, zoom in on the moon, then shoot it. It will get

bigger or smaller.

Change size of garbage bags:

Get a sniper rifle and zoom in on a group of two garbage bags. Start shooting

at them to make one very big and the other very small.

Lose extra health from prostitute:

If you use a prostitute to get your health above 100 and go to a save point,

your health will drop back to 100 when you exit the save point.

Stand on car in mid-air:

When you go over a ramp or jump, open your car door in mid-air. You will get

out and will be standing on the car while it is floating in mid-air.

Sink through a car:

Get a Packer, and drive a motorcycle on top of it. Exit the motorcycle and you

will sink through the packer as if it was not there. You will then pop up next

to it.

Store more than two cars or motorcycles in garage:

When you have two cars or motorcycles in your garage at your safe house, you

usually will not be able to store any vehicles inside. To get around this, get

off the car or motorcycle in front of the full garage. The garage will open.

Get on your motorcycle or into your car quickly and drive it into the garage

before the door closes.

Get more than two motorcycles into a single garage: Get a motorcycle and drive

it to a garage with two other motorcycles. Drive your motorcycle to the garage

and get off to open the garage door. Then, get back on and drive it in before

the garage door has a chance to shut. When you save the game, the third

motorcycle will remain in the garage.

Re-appearing cars:

If you have any vehicles in a garage, you can blow it up into scrap metal. If

the metal is in the garage, make the garage door close. Once you have it open

again, the car that was destroyed will appear again, while the scrap metal of

the car that was destroyed is still there.

Never fall off motorcycle:

Take a PCG 600 to a clothes shop. The easiest one is "Collar And Cuffs" with

the "Mr. Vercetti" outfit. Get off the motorcycle, and get the outfit. Once it

is gone, place the motorcycle parallel to the edge of the small steps, so that

the clothes still respawn. Once you do this, get on the motorcycle at the exact

moment when you buy the clothes. You will be stuck the motorcycle as though the

game merged you into it. This now allows you to drive around safely without

worry of falling off. Also, it lets you use an assault riffle as a drive-by

weapon. However, once you fire the gun, the bike will return to normal,

allowing you to fall off again and disabling the gun. However, as long as you

hold Circle, you will still shoot assault rifle. This glitch can also be done

with other motorcycles.

Headless driver:

Find a Ruger or a Sniper. Look for any car, get in front of it, and make it

stop. Make sure only one person is inside the car. Shoot the person in the head

and run quickly to the driver's side door. Use the rear view (L1 + R1) and move

the car slightly. Watch as the headless driver walks to you.

Regenerating people:

To see people appear out of the middle of nowhere, aim the sniper rifle in the

distance at a sidewalk or a road. People will just appear and walk around.

Floating road blocks:

Go into an alley that has orange road blocks. Start shooting them and moving

them around. Walk a few blocks away and when you return they should be floating

in the air.

Taxi driver pickup:

Steal any taxi cab and immediately press R3 to start a taxi mission. The person

you are supposed to pick up is often the taxi cab driver you just pulled out.

Mid-air skid marks:

Get a motorcycle (PCJ 600 recommended) and find a Packer driving down the road.

Stay directly behind its ramp, just keeping up with it. Suddenly, hit the gas

but do not launch off the top of the Packer -- just roll back down the ramp in

reverse to see your skid mark floating in the air. Get a Packer and park a car

on top of it. Drive the Packer in reverse so that the car falls off the top of

it. The car will leave a big skid mark hanging in the middle of the air.

Climb a tree:

Go to where a beach or a body of water is located. There should be some palm

trees nearby. Find one that is bent (or curved) and try to climb it. Note: Do

not run up the tree or you will fall in -- walk slowly. When you get close to

the top, slow down. If you continue walking, you will fall.

Aim with cell phone:

When the phone is ringing, equip yourself with any kind of auto-aiming weapon

(such as a pistol). Press R1 to aim it at a random pedestrian. While still

holding R1, press L1 to answer the phone. Tommy will continue to aim in the

same spot, though now he is using the cell phone instead of the gun. You may

release R1 and he will continue to aim at the same spot, even if the pedestrian

moves. Note: Depending on how you move, he may switch between holding the phone

to his ear, and pointing it at the blank spot that the pedestrian used to


Fall off the world:

Get on a bike and ride it fast towards a clothes store. Jump off, and it will

stop just inside the doorway. Run inside and jump on the bike, then onto the

door. Jump in any direction and you will fall or float depending on which

direction you go. You will then land back outside the store.

Escobar International Airport: Get weapons inside:

Go through the metal detector at the airport and your weapons will be removed.

Keep running at the glass where your weapons are located and you can actually

get some of them back while inside the airport.

Little Havana: Helicopter with wheels:

After acquiring Sunshine Autos, get a Sparrow. Fly it to Sunshine Autos and set

it down just outside the Pay 'N' Spray in back, If you are confident in your

flying abilities, attempt to fly it into the spray area. If not, turn it around

so that the cockpit is facing the four garages and push it inside. Once it is

in there, get inside. After it is sprayed, fly it out of the garage and you

will have a helicopter with wheels.

Little Havana: List mistake:

On the fourth and final list for Sunshine Autos, the list says to get a

"Baggage" instead of the vehicle's true name, the "Baggage Handler".

Little Havana: Untouchable clothes:

Go to the Little Havana Streetwear store. The front door will be open. Enter

it, then turn to your left. You will see the clothes icon with the word


Ocean Beach: Matrix-type move:

Go into the lighthouse on the beach. Climb to the very top staircase. Then,

attempt to jump down to the last stairs through the middle. Tommy will jump, do

a small Trinity-style move from The Matrix, then go back to the stairs.

Starfish Island: Appear to be shrunk:

Go to Starfish Island and find any mansion that has trees in its backyard.

Stand next to the "tree" and you will appear as if you have shrunk very small.

The "trees" behind the Starfish Island houses are actually big patches of


Starfish Island: Garage door:

At Vercetti Estate, as you go up the left side stairs in the front and go

towards the front door, you will hear the garage door open and it will come up

from beneath you.

Vercetti Estage: Big faced bills:

In the Versetti Estate, go into the office at the top of the main stairs where

you save the game. Select a sniper rifle. Then, directly right in front of the

safe and crouch down. Zoom in and look at the bills. The one closest to Tommy

(and some others) have the new style big heads paper currency. If this game

takes place in the 1980s, they should be the old small head style bills.

Vice Point: Pedestrians sitting on air:

Go into the North Point Mall and look around on the benches. Sometimes the

pedestrians will sit down on them, however they sit strangely and are actually

sitting on air.

Vice Point: Motorcycle in club:

Get a Freeway motorcycle and drive it into the Malibu Club for an interesting


Vice Point: Motorcycle in mall:

You can take any kind of motorcycle into the North Point Mall. You can then

drive around in the mall freely. However, it is easier to drive up the "down"

escalator to go up and ramp down when you want to go down.

Keep Your Friends Close mission: Wrong subtitle text:

When Tommy tells Rosenberg to get $20 million of counterfeit money, the

subtitles state 3.

Ice Cream Factory saves:

The game may glitch at times when it is saved at the Ice Cream Factory. When

that save is reloaded, the game will turn black and freeze.

Chainsaw glitch:

Go behind the ocean view hotel and you will see a small house get a bike ride

up the stairs and smash into the door you will now be inside the frame of the

house exit and you will be in a room with a bed and a TV now go into the

bathroom and the walls have blood over them and there is a chainsaw you can

pick it up.

Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com!

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