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  1. the_one

    Help! i can't find these cars

    you can find Buccaneer driving around in San Fiero. Sometimes you can find it at parking lot near the Pleasure Domes club (its near the Gant Bridge)
  2. the_one


    ive got silver too in this mission. it wasnt hard.
  3. the_one

    Fav cars

    I like Sabre
  4. the_one

    Anyone still play vicecity?

    i played it a month ago. im gonna install it soon
  5. Talk Talk - Life's what you make it A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (so far away)
  6. the_one

    Fresh rides and fast car

    i have an Remmington with: -awsome paintjob -bumpers -new wheels -hydraulics -and some other stuff
  7. the_one

    Microsoft or Mac

    yeah microsoft is the best
  8. i have modem. kinda fast.
  9. the_one

    do you like enimen

    yes i like Eminem. his best songs are: Just Lose It, Sing for the moment and Under The Influence
  10. the_one

    What's your Favorite Anime?

    the simpsons and south park (i dont watch TV much)
  11. my favourite mission was High Stakes Low Rider (lowrider race), hardest is Og Loc (the mission where you have to kill a guy and chase him with a motobike)
  12. the_one

    Some amazing cars~~

    nice cars!!
  13. the_one

    favorite guns

    i like 9mm SD, Baseball Bat, knife
  14. the_one

    Do you still play GTAIII?

    i dont play GTA3 much anymore since i got GTA VC and SA