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LCS Music


Do you think LCS had real (Lisenced) music or specially recorded music?  

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  1. 1. Do you think LCS had real (Lisenced) music or specially recorded music?

    • Real (Lisenced) Music
    • Specially Recorded Music

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it is hard for me to determine this. i think they got the famous bands to make songs specially for the game, becuase i was old enough in 1998 to be able to listen to music and remember it. neither i nor did the rest of my family recognize any songs whatsoever. we did recognize bands though. and also, in one song on The Liberty Jam station, they mension hepburn hrights and liberty city. Hmm...a little suspiciuos? thats why i think R* may have hiredreal singers like Method man, redman, and DMX to sing new songs specially for the game, so therefore, it'd be lisenced music but that licensed music made by real singers was made specially for the game. in other words, it think it was both licensed and specially recorded. what do you think?

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Rockstar put Custom Soundtracks in as a last minute feature but it didn't work right. They are working on a downloadable fix that will allow custom MP3's. This is most likely also the reason that the game was delayed in the UK.

Aaaah. Ok. I get it. Hopefully they'll get that fix out soon! :w00t:

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