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Gta long night

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FYI: Long night is the total conversion mod that turns vice city into more of a resident evil style game.

if your reading this and have gotten long night to work please help me.

I downloaded gta long night total conversion mod and installed it right but when I click the gta-ln application to start it, it just shows the logo and video then says insert cd.

when i click on the gta-vc application it plays allright until you click new game then it crashes. :cry:

does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I really want to play this. fighting hellfish's website is down and all the other forums on the net are no help.

i've seen other people post this on other furoms but nobody gets a straight answere how to fix this.

*nobody knows well. oh well just another download to waste my time and bandwidth


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Have You got any other mods that alter the game's script?

If yes, you will have to remove it somehow, or just uninstall GTA Vice City and then reinstall it for a fresh version, then reinstall

GTA Long Night...

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