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Fatboy Slim


Fatboy Slim  

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  1. 1. Does he kick asses with his remixes? do you like his songs and his music style?

    • yes
    • no
  2. 2. why?

    • very original
    • geatest mixes
    • very noisy
    • his nationality
    • i dont know his music

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its not ur business

A double post is not our business? I think you need to figure out when to use the phrase right, really, since double posting that makes it public and therefore our business. Besides, Crimson's a moderator.

go get a girl


By the way, I have one, and it still makes no difference on me saying you need to stop being a dumbass and use the edit button.



Like you're any better. Ah well. Have fun at your fast food job while us "nerds" do more than get a GED (I found out your biggest goal in life, huh?) and end up with a real job. You'll really show us. (Just following your stupid stereotype here.)

im not the loser that stay all the day in the computer and has 2000 posts :gappy:

With idiots like you wandering around elsewhere, it's no wonder there're so many "losers" staying on their computers instead of dealing with the likes of you. At least on the internet, you won't spread your stupid as much since you think you'll be "uncool" if you spend so much time on it.

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