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I still need help:(


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disk 1 of san andreas or some other wierd cd?

be specific for us to help you

( love your lil slogan C.O.D help us to help you )

Really? Thnx, Appreaciated it!

sorry. It was VC (Disk one Installation) and I clicked OK or some thing and it said I might of put in the wrong disk (which i didn't) or i got some file wrong.

You didn't have to say sorry, asking for help is never a mistake. Try re-installing it. But if you already did, maybe it was a cracked version or something. I know these things since in Indonesia (where I live), finding an original copy of any games are very hard. If it is a cracked version... You gotta copy one of your friends file called vc.exe (somethin like that).

Hope I helped you!

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