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Welcome to the new GTA Place!


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I have finished re-designing now and this is what i've come up with, i know there isnt a lot of colour right now but i will make some images for the menu's to spice them up a bit.

You can now login to the forums and also be logged in on the site, you will also notice we have the downloads database properly intergrated into the site (not just in an iframe) however we are still doing things to it so we have disabled the downloads for now.

Hopefully you all like the new design, I know a lot of people didn't like it because we were using a CMS but we arent now, its all my work ^_^

If there are any broken links or images please comment so I can fix these as soon as possible and also if you have any feedback or suggestions then feel free to tell us

You'll notice this news is being pulled from the news forum which is better becuase all parts of the site are now intergrated

Enjoy the site!

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