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No San Andreas previews at E3


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On an article on Spong it was confirmed that GTASA will definately not be shown at E3

Today we can confirm that the game will definitely not be on display. Talking to a Take 2 source, under terms of anonymity, we asked if the game would be seen. "No, we won't be showing new GTA," we were told. "Definitely not?" we asked. "Definitely not. We are practically doing nothing this year. Everything will be shown after the show", our source continued. "Will the game be on show in some kind of behind-closed doors capacity?" "No. It’s not going to be there," said the Take 2 staffer.

Looks like we will have to wait until June after all :rolleyes:

well at least it keeps us all waiting, they're building up the suspense well.

Full Story on Spong

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well duh, of course theyre still going to release it

btw, post comments that are actually related to the topic, im sick of people telling me 'oh thats a good way to make $' or 'Chris you can post it in the other topic'

the answer is NO, i make a new topic for new news that needs to go on the main site, the next person to post a comment like that will be suspended and banned from this news forum

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