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Do you think the beta version of gta vc would have been better?


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I think thats what the patches are for. But that would make the new version out of game. I dont know nothing much about beta version. Only about the cool shirt. What was so different in beta than in new version?

Some stuff I noticed from the pics...

-Different Tommy model

-White police cars, not green

Different infernus model

Different SWAT model, helis looked GTA3 and Enforcer had black paintjob (But no enfrocer in this pic)

GTA3 style rims

Cooler blista compact

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My friend has the beta version on his computer. It's pretty good because you can straife and run backwards which helps to no end in shoot outs.

Maybe they changed some of the car models because they looked too similar to the real life models. That Blista Compact looked pretty cool.

That police car looked interesting, it's also pictured in the instruction booklet. Does anyone know what the cop cars really looked like in Miami around `86?

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I really like the beta policecars, but u can download them now, so yay! :innocent:

EDIT: if anyone would like to now where to get the beta police car, u get it from either this site(i think) or GTAInside by a guy called comando funebrero.

Where do u get the beta version? I would LOVE to have it, i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where to get it.

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