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    Rockstar selling out.... maybe.

    You fucked up the poll, you're a retard, just admit you're wrong.
  2. JOYA

    Deja Vu

    I get it very rarely. It used to happen much more often.
  3. JOYA


    Where does he misspell Lamborghini? My favourite is the PCJ 600.
  4. JOYA

    hidden print room?

    Yeah, without a mod you can only see it in the cut scenes.
  5. JOYA

    Paris Hilton Get's Busted!

    I think they should let her off. I wonder how they will treat her in jail.
  6. JOYA

    hidden print room?

    Thanks for posting, I've never seen that room before. Why do you need the jetpack to get there?
  7. JOYA

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    hahahahaha omg. thats the most random thing ever. what is that??
  8. JOYA

    Your Games Collection

    ...Where are your Grand Theft Auto games? He doesn't like Grand Theft Auto . Gran Tursimo 3 + 4 ROME: Total War Vice City PC + PS2 GTA III Mario Kart And a whole bunch of others that I never play.
  9. JOYA

    Hardware Limitations and GTAIV

    Maybe, it would be cheaper if you don't already have a console. But you will need a good PC to play it.
  10. JOYA

    Vice city knowledge game

    Boomshine. What was the name of the seaplane mission for the movie studios?
  11. JOYA

    The GTA Knowledge Game

    You forgot to ask a question. Where in Tommy's mansion can you see 'The World Is Yours' sculpture?
  12. JOYA

    Forum Re-arrangement

    I agree with what QuickDeath said. You could see all the new posts in the individual forums and in what topic those posts were made. That said, it's no great loss, especially as most people seem to like the idea.
  13. JOYA

    Virginia Tech shootings

    I don't, I think he should be able to say his opinion. Even if it is stupid. Anyway this should serve as a lesson to the US government not to let people like that into their country.
  14. JOYA

    Fav Next Gen Console?

    I agree 100% with the N64 being the 3d pioneer. As with the movies, my movies are mostly 500-700MB. Anyway, the 360 is my favourite new console.
  15. JOYA


    I bet this whole thing is bullshit.
  16. JOYA

    Graphic or Gameplay?

    I'm not really fussy for graphics either. For most of the games that Chris says have shit graphics, I think have good graphics.
  17. JOYA

    ps4 thoughts

    It will be really powerful but have only mediocre games.
  18. JOYA


    Have you got a link to a news article about it or anything?
  19. JOYA


  20. JOYA

    What MP3 player do you have?

    I used to use my comp too, but then I got an ipod nano.
  21. JOYA

    Graphic or Gameplay?

    Gameplay. I'm at the point where graphics are so good I don't care if they stop improving. Just give me good gameplay.
  22. JOYA


    Post a link to a news article about this if you can OGTAM. I'd be interested to read it. And don't get shot.
  23. JOYA

    Ferrari 360 Modena - GTAIV Style

    What a waste of a Ferrari!
  24. JOYA

    Help me choose an online alias

    Um, your name is spelt with 4 numbers and 2 letters. Think about that for a minute.
  25. JOYA

    which is better?psp or ps2

    PS2 definately. There's so much more enjoyment playing on a bigger screen and the games are better too.