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WTF is zap?!

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You mean strategy guide?

Well, Overdose of Trouble doesn't sound like a pleasant mission title, and indeed, your last mission for Maria is a handful. She's on the brink of an overdose, and needs you to find the ZAP that'll flush out her system.

So just grab a Leone Sentinal, head over to the diner at Callahan Point. There's no zap there, but there is the remnants of Wayne's biker gang, looking for revenge for what you did to their leader. After you hit the diner, you're going to have mobs of bikers coming at you for the rest of the mission. They'll either attempt to ram your car, or get off their bikes and shoot you. You should be able to outrace them, for the most part, but they will catch up to you when you hit Hepburn Heights, since your next checkpoint is in the middle of a little building area, and is tough to hit.

Thus, before you head towards the Hepburn Heights checkpoint, stop in at the Pay N Spray nearby to get your car's health topped off. The bikers will probably mass themselves outside and fire at you as you pull out, but if you back out rapidly enough you should be able to crush a few of them. From there, hit the checkpoint at Hepburn Heights, then head to Maria's apartment, then Salvatore's mansion. The last two checkpoints should be a bit easier to get through without taking major damage due to the straight streets between them.

If your car gets too damaged to continue, then you might have no choice but to ditch it and find another one. This is going to be difficult to do, since the bikers really never stop coming for you, and they'll jack your car if you ever get close enough for them to do so. Since Maria takes a while to get into a car when you pull up to it, you can see the problems here. It's far better to pick a solid car to use in the mission and just hit the Pay N Spray if you have to to keep it running.

[edited excerpt from getintothegame]

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