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Halo 3


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yes, even I would have to admit the co-operative multiplayer is fun, i liked the driving in it. (Well, I would, considering that my name is The Driver, but hey)

What sort of things will be new to Halo 3, are there any new details about the game?

Halo 3 is like a sci-fi type of genre, which, to be honest, I don't like, but the actual gameplay is in-depth.

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Well, in the trailer, you can see...

-new battle armour, look at the gloves! In not sure if he just got newgloves or not, but well, hes go some kind of new armour.

-The assault rifle is back

Anyhoo, after playing Halo 1 and a bit of 2, here is what I want...

-Boss battles. Hunters arnt enough, I want boss battles because you are always just shooting up the same enemies without much/little change.

-Pelican and other non-drivable vehicles drivable

All I can think of right now...

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Well that could happen. But i heard that Halo 4 will be the movie. :mellow:

I hope the movie won't be an upset, but they're using a lot of money for it. Should be pretty good.

Halo 3 looks awesome and they haven't even shown us that much. The good news is the assault rifle (one of people's favourite weapons that they didn't put in halo 2) is back and the graphics look amazing. I hope the story will be better this time and since its on Earth I'm guessing it will be. I am hoping in multiplayer that instead of only being able to pick Master Chief or an Elite you can choose other convenant with advantages and disadvantages. Like if you're a Hunter you're really strong and have a powerful attack but you're really slow and you have a weak spot. Even if they don't have that it still looks like a kickass game! Now we only have to wait... :zZZ:

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