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What do you like abaut Claude?

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Just pray no African-American/dark-skinned fellow reads this thread and sees your post.

Not because he can/will hurt you, it's because it can make them feel not-welcomed in the forums.

We don't want that, do we?

"N****" is a derogatory term used to insult their ancestors. In case you didn't know, their ancestors used to work as slaves. As you know, slaves are/were mistreated.

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- Claude's outfit was cool. The black leather jacket and the green jeans were not bad.

- Claude's cold personality. He doesn't even talk when he takes out a Mafia Don.

- He doesn't talk too much, still gets the job done

That's all I can think of right now, more coming!

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but he wasnt. he was in gta 2. that didnt start it all. but i liked his casual clothing. it made him look like a cool guy. the leather and green was ok but looked a little bit to gay for him. i dont think he was "bad". i also liked how people would always know what to say to him. and they would know how to start and stop conversations. that was cool how he was telepathic(he had to be, how could he say yes or no or talk or get noticed?). that must have been cool.

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