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Another Fake GTAIV Screenshot

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Today my inbox saw another fake screenshot arrive. This time from someone known as 'Inky'. It's a fairly standard fake screen, supposedly a real photo taken from a television on which GTAIV is playing. The HUD and radar are clearly borrowed from San Andreas, though. Also, the man in the screenshot is just one of the characters from Half Life 2. (thanks chris82)

Click for full image...


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UPDATE: Last week I actually received a nice fake screen from 'jamesdehunter', forgot to post about it, the screen depicts blood spattered London Underground signage...


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dude tommy thats like the same thing, there prtty much all rebels, there just named different. thats cool. he could have at least changed the map and the fist sign.

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yea thats gordon freeman from half life 2 i think

No it's not you noob. Gordon wears an orange suit, you'd know because of the suit.

And TVG wat you said is true.

Citizens and Rebels are different.


-No weapons, except for the one at the end of Chapter 3

-Bossed around by the combine

-Wears a blue suit


-Some are medics

-They have weapons

-Kill combine INSTEAD of getting bossed around

-Wear better clothes

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samiam your retarded, this is an old topic an nobdy cares, and gordan freeman doesnt live in that goddamn suit idiot. do you think its sewed to him or something, gordan can dress just like us too (if he were real) if he wanted to he could dress in that suit, defying your point, making you seem stupid.

and andrew17, you have made this topic stupid by not reading more than the first post.

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