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    Narnia,Madness Combat, and Black Sabbath.
  1. It's worse enough when you’re in a car in that area. They would blow your car up before you could even retaliate.
  2. Avenger

    Black Sabbath!

    Doe's anyone here love that band?I do!
  3. Exactly, same thing here.
  4. Avenger

    Another Fake GTA4 Screen Surfaces

    Thats what i thought at first also.
  5. Avenger

    Another Fake GTAIV Screenshot

    Yep, that one is fake.
  6. How about an M16/Rocket Launcher?
  7. Avenger

    What pet do you have?

    I have a dog, his name is Bo-Bo.
  8. Avenger

    Your Pick

    ...Im not a big anime fan, i only heard of Dragonball and Naruto.
  9. Avenger

    whats yer worst injuries

    My mom tells me i once busted my head open when i was like a baby.The stitches are still in my head.
  10. Avenger

    GTA Made Me Do It

    I killed 300 hundred people with my combat shotgun, and then did the "Spawn a Tank" cheat code and blew up a house.
  11. Avenger

    online sa pool

    That would be nice, I personally think the pool on that game is too hard.
  12. Avenger

    easter eggs

    Wow, great page That one other pic with bigfoot looks very fake to me.
  13. Avenger

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello, I just joined. My name is Avenger, I look forword to posting here.