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First Vice City Stories Details from GamePro AU


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The latest edition of Australian GamePro magazine has an exclusive interview with Rockstar. Editor Chris Stead has posted on GTAForums letting us all know about the magazine. We've got scans of it which he has allowed us to post, and we've got details of vital information and new features below.

Vice City Stories - The Brothers Vance - That's right readers - not only was Australian GamePro the first in the world to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, but we also got to put the hard questions to RockStar themselves in our world exclusive interview!
  • Victor Vance is the main character. Vic is a 28 year old marine in peak physical condition.
  • VCS is set in 1984 and is "much" bigger than Vice City, there are also lots of familiar buildings that we see just entering development.
  • Improved Animations - The animations have been improved massively from the other GTA game. It is now much more realistic and the character's emotions are are more true.
  • New Vehicles - JetSki's for example, are in the game.
  • Vic does have the ability to swim.
  • The game will feature a multiplayer mode similar to that in LCS.
  • New weather effects including hurricanes
  • Less "A-B" missions, more unique style of gameplay
  • New water effects, shower the streets with spray from your jetski.
  • Vice City's radio stations will return with new songs
  • New loading system which means only slight pauses before missions
  • Improved draw distances (again) - better than other titles.
  • Increased density of pedestrians, foliage, cars and objects
  • Less "clumping" (where groups of the same model would appear together)
  • There's a new theme park on Ocean Beach - it includes the "Chunder Wheel" - a large ferris wheel which you can ride on in first person view!
  • Trip Skips return, this is where a taxi appears after you die and can take you back to the start of the mission you were attempting.

And the downsides? Well, it is confirmed that Vice City Stories will not feature the following things:

  • Character and Vehicle Customization
  • Wall Climbing
  • Seamless integration of interior and exterior areas (as seen in LCS) will no longer be in VCS

gpau_01.jpg gpau_02.jpg gpau_03.jpg gpau_04.jpg gpau_05.jpg gpau_06.jpg gpau_07.jpg gpau_08.jpg gpau_09.jpg gpau_10.jpg gpau_11.jpg gpau_12.jpg gpau_13.jpg gpau_14.jpg gpau_15.jpg gpau_16.jpg

Thanks to Jar-Jar at GTAForums for getting this info to us

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Out.... TODAY....... Someone BUY THAT DAMN MAGAZINE! Damn you see what you do? Post something like this, now I won't sleep tonight, I shall be refreshing the page every 20 seconds! w00t!


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Yeah Chris, you can't tell us stuff like this and make us wait until tomorrow to find out more! Just stay up and great find by the way.

I agree with the other Chris that it is probably going to be set in 1983 (3 years before the original VC like LCS 3 years before GTA3).

Keep giving us the info!

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6:15 am. I'm so damn tired. And only the subscribers get the mag today, so that narrows it down to only their subscribing readership who are also GTA fans AND visit gta sites...

Thing is it sounds as if there's a lot of info...

Anyway I don't need lights on, it gets light here around 5am so I can see perfectly well, in fact, I can't actually get to sleep now :P

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I wonder when other magazines are going to get all this info. I can't wait to read about it, I hope there are some Australian GTA fans who have subcribed to GamePro (and are GTA forum members) and are up right now reading about it and then they come here and see the big news and tell us the juicy info.

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Some important points

1. Victor Vance is a 28yr US Marine in peak phiyiscal condition

2. Game set in 1984

3. In the magazine its says ' We cant give you a definite answer on how big VCS will be, but we can assure you it will be much, much bigger than Vice City


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Lots of peeps gonna wanna buy this little gem! Rockstars shares are gonna go sky high ( when they sell the game ofcourse)

Another page on gta forums!!!!!!

Looks likes this is a GTA VCS webmasters lucky day - I bet Chris is real chuffed...

VCS Stories will have multiplayer

First mission is called 'Say Cheese' and you will go down to the studios, and you are a stuntman for a chocolate comercial

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Also read this quote

'Rockstar want their misssions to be less one- dimensional in VCS and monotonous tasks like 'get form A-to-B' will no longer drag out your GTA experience. Now missions will be designed to be multi-tiered and split between varoius skill sets. The idea is to do away with the quick-shot mission structure of LCS and instead opt for longer in-dept tasks that make greater use of the environment and lend themselves to a more defined narative'

So that will be an improved misssion structure - get in there!!!!

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Yet another page!!!


they say the venturted into amuniation as well as other bulidinds during there demo and each was precedded by a little loading time, still no worry, i dont really care! we got JetSkis and a bigger city!


they also say there was no evidence of car or character customisation and they noticed no wall climbing either - still there not thaat important


the next page is about cultural movement, nothing big really, hope i helped a little, you can see everthing at gtaforums.com, though u might be waitng a while!

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