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"Freefall" Mission help


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Yes I too am stuck on this mission. And I wanted to ask if anyone here would do it for me? I have GTA San Andreas for PC version 1.01.

I'd really appreciate someone doing it. Also and additional question, can you just fly through the Corona when you approach the plane, or do you really need to get behind the plane.

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no, you dont understand.

you know how the mission is with the AK in the car with that one mission right when the families are supposed to meet? then the SWAT assaults the hotel and you have to use an AK in First Person View, and aim with the mouse?

well this is like that, only you hold the side to side buttons to use cover, and you move the mouse around to aim. you dont get to shoot one guy with a pistol, gore the other with a knife and snipe the last 2. its improper methods of combat simulation. If I had my way, I would have my suppressed pistol to keep the noise from deafening me in that confined pressurised area. in reality, I would have a suppressed PDW, like the P90 or the MP7.

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