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IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED


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Erm, Chris, would you add some name effects to the store when you get some time? I can make thumbs if they're needed.

Gj Jace!

All the name effects that I have seen never worked well with fire fox, but that would be sweet as hell.

The last time I saw name effects was when gtanation was still around,mabye the firefox glitch was fixed by now...

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It's not a glitch in FireFox, it's actually technically a bug in IE.

The name effects (only viewable in IE) when used actually invalidate the code and would cause problems on special screens such as blind people using text readers for example. of course this wouldn't ever be the case on a website like this. But all non-IE browsers are standards compliant so they won't implement [useless] feature if it will make them non standard compliant.

You probably have no idea what I'm talking about. But anyway, we might trial them or something. Some people can find them annoying.

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