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Is the cheat device dead?


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I was a expert at the cheat device, building things and such, but now since i have updated to 2.71, i feel that the cheat device is gone and their is nobody out there who is building cd maps anymore :( . what does tgtap members feel?

Wow, I never knew you upgraded. :mellow:

I've even stopped making my car showrooms even though I'm still on 2.01. Everybody's all talking about VCS now. When VCS comes out, the LCS Cheat Device will be over. I'm just making the fun out of what's left of LCS until I get VCS. ^_^

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boy i knew this is going to happen, to play one gta cd, you have to give up the other. If another gtapsp comes out then we would have to give up VCS.

I dont like the gta vcs cheat device, it so complicated now, you have to do many things to get the vcs cheat device installed on the psp.

However the LCS cd you just insert a game save file in the Save Data Folder.

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