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Games Radar Side Missions Preview

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UK Gaming website GamesRadar have a new preview of Vice City Stories, this one focuses on the side missions you'll find in the game. The main highlight of the preview is the explanation of a new mini game - Beach Patrol.

Head to Washington Beach for some Baywatch-inspired challenges that see you saving lives instead of ending them. Use your swimming skills to wade out and rescue hapless beach-goers who find themselves caught in dangerous waters, with the added bonus that continued wet work permanently boosts Vic's stamina.

The stamina boosting mentioned here also suggests there will be some sort of stats system implemented, whether it's as extensive as San Andreas' is unknown.

Alongside this the preview also talks about the Chunder Wheel being part of a fully working fairground with a bunch of rides which you can go on. The preview also touches on insane stunts, which we already know about of course, as well as having a few new screenshots on show.

Link: GamesRadar

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