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VCS swimming

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Part of keeping you contained early in the game, you had to build swimming skill & you couldn't do that until the map

opened. VCS was based on VC & R* probably re-used a lot of resources, including the main script. SA style would have

been a major re-write (don't forget the automatic 4 * warrant in SA), whereas this way was more efficient & required less

work. Again, speculation.

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Rockstar Games could be trying out something new. For instance, sometimes trying out something new could be possibly for research. So they could possibly implement the feature in upcoming GTA Games. The San Andreas Swimming feature was actually good, but it'd be more challenging seeing something like what they implemented in Vice City Stories since for one, it's challenging, second would be that you can't stay in the water for that long, so placing a limit meter seemed fair if you ask me. Plus, it's good that they have implemented it since it's something we all could get use to.

They could include this in GTA IV and that would obviously be something completely new, not copying the San Andreas swimming feature.

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Maybe ihave a tip as you do beachpatrol en you get lv 15 you can infinite swimming , go tho the washington beach en find a car its like by lv 5 you get checkpoint en by lv 10 en by lv 15 itsch lv 5 as you are lv5 as you stop with beachpatrol . as you play the next day gta VSC you begin with lv 5

ihope ihelp your enough Iam new on this site en ihae a lot of gta game's

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