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May i ask, what kind of Xbox do you need so you could have an XBL ID, and how much does it cost?And do i have to pay every year for a membership?


You can get any Xbox 360 to get an XBL ID(gamertag).

and when you get your first 360, if you sign up you get 1 month free xbl id. After that you can either, get a 1 month xbox live membership for money(not sure what country your in so research on it) or 3 month, 6 month and 12 months(a year). or you can buy a 1 , 3, 6 , 12 month subscription card from stores and scratch the code off the back and type it in redeem code in xbox live.

and you pay every year if you choose 12 months a year

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Yeah, because those are the best games ever!

By the way, if the 360 is so much better, why the hell do you want a PS3 for?

i didnt say the 360 is somuch better. im sayin ps3 has better hardware, but psn isnt as good as xbl.

i want the ps3 coz of its exclusives, bluray, and more of my friends have ps3... so i could play wit em.

thats why.

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Not sure if this is really on-topic, I don't think this warrants making a new one. Downloadable content should NOT be released on discs. Why? Because they confuse Gamestop clerks too much. I walked into my local Gamestop today, picked up the box to a used copy of Fallout 3, and just realized a few minutes ago that he gave me the disc to The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage DLC. I paid twenty-five dollars for something I could've gotten off of XBL for ten bucks, or rather free, considering my habit of not telling Dad about my downloads.

Now, this may be karma for my unauthorized use of my father's debit card and for contributing to the decline of the gaming industry by purchasing a used game whose developers will never see the profits for their hard work, but I don't like being ripped off. I'm hopefully going back to Gamestop this week and getting the game I paid my motherfucking money for. And yes, I installed the DLC. I deserve to be reimbursed with two free expansion packs for this inconvenience.

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