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Thats something that has always put me off buying a 360, the whole complaint and reporting idea. I heard you can get banned for swearing over the mic, or posting something inappropriate in your clan tag. Not that I would have something like [FaG] as my clan tag, but you should get the freedom over what you can do to a certain extent.

Edit: Lol, running over people is great fun. The noise it makes is so good.

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FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. I just got suspended again. No idea how the hell this happened, as there has not been any profanity in my bio/motto/whatever since the LAST time I got suspended. The only people I've played with lately is two friends, Urban being one of them and the other a good friend IRL. So what the fuck did you suspend for, Microsoft? Now I gotta wait until the 20th....fuck you, Xbox Live and your nigh-impossible-to-follow-unless-you're-a-fucking-saint Code of Conduct.

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