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LOST video game!


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This has been announced from May but I don't think many people have heard about it...

Deal is signed for Lost video game:

A deal has been reached to turn the hit TV series 'Lost' into a video game.

Variety reports that French game publisher Ubisoft agreed the deal with the makers of 'Lost', Touchstone Television.

The deal allows Ubisoft to potentially develop 'Lost' beyond the TV series.

The first game in what is expected to be a new franchise is due around Christmas 2007.

This is really big news for massive LOST fans (me) and I would like your thoughts on this.


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OM MY GOD!!!!!!!! The greatest game ever will finally grace this planet. :D

Well I knew this ages ago but still.

I know that the game will have you playing as different characters in different stages of the series. Maybe playing Charlie when he shoots Ethan.

Come on people there should be more Lost fans. I actually have the Lost Quest on the 29th of Decmeber. 17 1/2 hours of Lost series two in one day. Cant beat that.

I encourage you all to have a Lost Quest.

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