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Its gothic and the fashions of the 40s and 90s mix together.

I woke up in a scruffy flat, I got out of scruffy bed and put my scruffy clothes on, and got out of the scruffy flat through the scruffy door, during my trip to the mall I saw vampires, ghouls, zombies and some bobbies around me as I headed towards that weird wall.


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So then I entered the cinema to watch this shitty movie called 'High Skool Moosical' when I saw that noob Raymond, and to my surprise he had a girlfriend, she was the prettiest thing I ever laid my eyes upon, but then Raymond suddenly grabbed a fistful of her popcorn, and ate it like a pig.

I was bored to death, that movie almost killed me, then I noticed that Raymond was stealing popcorn from a little kid.


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