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Ok, here you can talk everything off-topic without being off-topic.


-normal forum rules, with exception of the spamming one

-all spam or irrelevant stuff or just something you quickly want to say has to go in this topic, that for obvious reasons.

-for the people who're used to /b/: NO GORE OR CP. Though moderate JB is allowed, as long as it can't be classified as porn or content not for under aged, please keep that in the 'hot babe/women thread'.


Please do at the least have some sort of content in your post(s).


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K. Well this should be a useful campaign to rapidly boost our post count right up to 500,000 so we can get on the legendary www.big-boards.com :)

I wonder if this will become the most posted in topic on TGTAP. It's got potential.

I think I need a new iPod.

Oh yeah and post counts don't increase in this forum, so it doesn't really matter if you need to double post to bump this topic or anything, or have useless posts. But keep them in here though, otherwise you will be b&

And you'll receive beatings from the mods, the only way out of that is by giving sexual favours ;)

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