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Why are we still playing SA


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this must be a typo or sumthing but look at this link on ign, it says japan just got ahold of san andreas two months ago lol... it says its release on ps2 in japan was jan 25 2007! gta4 probly wont be coming about for them until like 2010 haha sucks for them

No, it's the truth. Like everyone else, I wonder why Japan got San Andreas so late.

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I'd still be playing IF my brother brought over my PS2 memory cards so I could put the save files on my PS3. I don't want to play the SA storyline over again because I'm waiting until the summer where I'll play all the GTA games over again in order according to the years that the games are based on.

Good luck on beating them all. I'm sure its going to take awhile. For me it would probably take about 2 weeks. It usually Takes me about 3 days to beat a gta game.

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