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Vice City Stories Released On PlayStation 2


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I just found out that in the PS2 version that the manual aiming on a gun isn't in this version of Vice City Stories.

Wasn't there no manual aim in the Liberty City Stories PS2 version, also?

No, it was in the ps2 version also. In order to do it, you just aim at any person, then click 'L3' and you'll go into manual aim mode, makes it easier for shooting fuel tanks.

Okay, I see. Can anybody else confirm manual aim isn't in Vice City Stories?

@ps3 player: Yet again, the PS3 is backwards compatible. It can play PS2 games on the PS3, if I'm not mistaken.

I got it today and so far its as I thought it would be - slow to start with, but hugely entertaining. BTW there IS a manual aim, exactly the same as liberty city stories, just aim with R1 then click L3 and you'll go into manual aim mode.

@ 2003, you beat it on ps2 or psp? if its ps2, then either its very short or you play games all day.

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The PS2 version I just got yesterday and it is pretty good but there is still some bugs. For example when you hit somone and then hes on the floor you hit him again and the sound happens about 3 seconds later. Other than this havn't found any bugs so far so good for me. :lolbounce:

Yes, but that's what I call another insignificant "bug".

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